Tentative School Reopening Guidance

Carmel Schools released preliminary info on how to prep students for possibly returning to school amid the ongoing Corona pandemic. These guidances includes *Teach and model for your children how to maintain social distancing [of 6 feet] and use of a face covering outside the home.*Emphasize proper hygiene with your children including washing hands [forContinue reading “Tentative School Reopening Guidance”

COVID-19 Associated Loss of Smell

The majority of Corona victims who lose senses to the virus do not fully regain them even after an entire month’s time. “When Boscolo-Rizzo and his colleagues followed up four weeks later with the 113 patients who reported sudden onset of those symptoms in the two weeks prior to testing for SARS-CoV-2, they found thatContinue reading “COVID-19 Associated Loss of Smell”