AstraZeneca’s vaccine reported confusing trial results

Previously researched by Oxford and AstraZeneca, a “90% effective” CoViD vaccine was only applied at a reduced dose in people under age 55. What was hoped to be ready by year’s end will now need further research. More trials will compare the reduced dose to a standard two-pair dosing of the vaccination. ‘Mr. Pangalos saidContinue reading “AstraZeneca’s vaccine reported confusing trial results”

Virus Surges in Dutchess, Putnam

On Friday, the Highlands Current reported spikes in the CoViD-19 cases active in Putnam & Dutchess counties. As of the 12th, Putnam County added a three-day total of 87 new known Corona virus infections. The county is set to enter a Yellow hot-spot designation, which will result in Garrison school district closing to pupils dueContinue reading “Virus Surges in Dutchess, Putnam”