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First Corona Vaccines!

“Putnam County also received its first shipment of vaccine on Tuesday, County Executive MaryEllen Odell announced via press release. The county health department got 600 doses of the Moderna vaccine, and on Thursday will begin inoculating staff and residents of facilities managed by the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities, Office of Mental Health, and Office…

AstraZeneca’s vaccine reported confusing trial results

Previously researched by Oxford and AstraZeneca, a “90% effective” CoViD vaccine was only applied at a reduced dose in people under age 55. What was hoped to be ready by year’s end will now need further research. More trials will compare the reduced dose to a standard two-pair dosing of the vaccination. ‘Mr. Pangalos said…

Virus Surges in Dutchess, Putnam

On Friday, the Highlands Current reported spikes in the CoViD-19 cases active in Putnam & Dutchess counties. As of the 12th, Putnam County added a three-day total of 87 new known Corona virus infections. The county is set to enter a Yellow hot-spot designation, which will result in Garrison school district closing to pupils due…

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